All Grown Up

Yesterday, I registered my son, Charlie, for kindergarten. Yes, he’s really that old already. I’m not a sentimental person, but after purchasing his school supplies last week and going through registration, I’m just reeling over the fact that he’s really starting kindergarten. He’s so excited to start and talks about going to school all the time.

Charlie will be starting kindergarten in a brand new, project based learning (PBL) charter school for K-2. I’m so excited that he’ll be learning in this environment. He’s such a hands-on kid and loves to learn about things more in-depth. I’m nervous about him starting in a PBL school, but not any more than I would be for him to start in a traditional classroom.

Charlie is excited to be learning more about how things work and he desperately wants to learn how to read. He’s excited to use his lunchbox and bring home cool stuff for me to see. I can’t wait to watch him learn and grow in school.

But, really? School already?