New Year, New Beginnings

New beginnings seem to swirl around our family at least once a year. This year, our new beginning really seems to coincide with the start of 2015. Let me explain. In September 2014, we swapped houses with my father-in-law to live in the home that my husband grew up in. This beautiful home is situated on roughly 175 acres of farm land and has a small wooded area and a conservation pond in the back of the property. There is room for the boys and the dog to run, the cats to wander, and for me to garden. The quiet life has happened upon us and we couldn’t be happier.

Officially, in the upcoming monthss, we will finalize our purchase of this home. We are excited to begin this new chapter of our lives and raise our boys the way we want to – to be outdoor kids and appreciate nature and sustainability. The boys love helping out with the heifer cows (cows that aren’t producing milk yet because they haven’t had babies) that the neighbor keeps here and eventually, we’d like to have a few of our own to raise for meat only. When we moved out here, my father-in-law built us a chicken coop and bought 10 chickens for the boys. The immense need the kids have to run around and play in the dirt is satisfied on a daily basis with building a fort in the woods, playing in the sand pile or swingset, or just running around being boys. They are excited to help me plant and work in the garden again this year and love taking long walks or a quick 4-wheeler ride back to the pond to check out the wildlife.

I decided that with the new year started, I should really focus on this blog thing that I attempt multiple times a year and then drop. My personal blog will continue to stay focused on my family and the craziness that ensues with two little boys and now incorporate me living on a farm, trying to be more sustainable, and getting used to the concept of chickens running around everywhere. Another focus will be to discuss cooking from scratch and how we provide for our family with using very little processed or prepared food. My love for being in the kitchen continues to grow and I cannot wait to share this love with others.

In other words, here’s to new beginnings, new outlooks on life, and being grateful for the life we have!


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