While I have yet to be productive this morning (unless you count reading blog posts, drinking coffee and pouring cereal for my kids productive), I have devised my latest plan. In the last year, as my kids have gotten older and created more messes in the house and we have been accumulating more things, I have grown incessantly tired of cleaning my house. No, this is atypical for me. I am generally a clean person. Not freakishly clean, but my house has always been picked up, not deep-cleaned always, but others wouldn’t know that type of clean. And, I enjoy cleaning. Really enjoy it. I find it therapeutic and it helps control my anxiety.

With that being said, I find myself spending more time just putting away the mountains of laundry, toys, and other just random odds and ends we have in the house than spending that time with my family. With work consuming more of my time at home (which I don’t mind 90% of the time), I have been trying to find my balance. This past year has definitely thrown my life into a tailspin of chaos. I’m managing, but pretty much feel like I’m failing at the mommy/wife part a lot of the time. I am winning at my job though. So, I guess I’ve got that going for me.

I used to make tons of freezer meals, monthly. I used to have organized closets and rooms. I used to meal plan and just feel de-cluttered and content. I have decided to take back my organized life.

After spending the morning reading blog post, after blog post, on organizing, simplifying, and de-cluttering your life, I have decided this needs to happen to bring me back to the real world and to allow me to be true to myself. Also, I would then be winning at that mommy/wife thing again.

So, my plan of action is to take it by days/weeks and move slowly.

  • Start with that boys room/Playroom – Clean out clothes that don’t fit, aren’t worn, or are destroyed. Charlie’s clothes will get put away for Adam and Adam’s clothes that are still in good condition will be passed on to my cousin’s son. Anything that is unusable will be taken to school to be upcycled for the fabric scraps.
  • Home Office – Purge, purge, purge. Basically, I want a huge bonfire to burn the excess old paperwork that is buried in the closet. Organize the odds & ends in a better system as well.
  • My bedroom – CLEAN out the closets. I’m going to try the 40 hanger challenge. I have so many clothes that I hate and don’t wear. Steve will be going through his stuff as well. Or, I will be doing that. Jewelry, purses, clothes, shoes – out! I cannot wait to purge. I’ll try selling some of the stuff, but will probably end up donating it instead, mainly because I’m lazy and hate the time it takes to try to sell things.
  • Linen Closet – Refold the sheets! Steve’s been doing laundry, which believe me is a gods send for me, but he doesn’t know how to fold fitted sheets. My once clean, organized closet is a mess and for whatever reason, a clean linen closet makes me very happy.
  • Purge random odds & ends, decorations, etc. that I don’t like or aren’t used.
  • Kitchen – Clean out ┬áthe pantry, fridge, and freezers of expired items. Organize the baking cabinet. Menu plan with what we have until we have it cleared out before buying tons of new groceries.
  • Basement – Sell stuff! We have a lot of random things that can just be sold. Movies can be sold that we never watch.

I’m going to be busy. But it’s a busy that I’m excited for and ready to do. I want to be between a minimalist and normal. Wish me luck! I’ll take pictures along the way as I organize and purge.