“I’ve got no motivation, where is my motivation?” Thank you Green Day for having that song stuck in my head, but it so fits lately.

I have so many things I want to finish, or even start, but I’m spinning my wheels. I think it’s because I know I honestly have about five days that I am not working before schools starts (yes, that includes my weekends) and I’m sure that I’ll still be doing something for work on those days. I’m so excited for the year to start, but man, where did my summer go?

This weekend I need to finish the following projects:

  • Putting up veggies
  • Knitting a blanket
  • Painting frames & a supply organizer
  • Deciding my team building activities for work (see, I told you I’d still be working!)
  • Cleaning my breezeway
  • Taking donations to the thrift store

Before school starts, I still need to:

  • Make a menu for dinners & school lunches
  • Make some freezer meals
  • Go clothes shopping for Charlie and me
  • Landscaping at the house

Oh goodness! I’ll figure it out after running some errands and trying to enroll Nexus Tablets into the system (again, there’s that work thing!).



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