Sewing For 20% Of My Time

I am getting ready to dive into the world of sewing…i.e. pure and utter torture for me. Learn more about why I’m sewing for 20% of my time here.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have enough project ideas to last me the school year. Also, I’m hoping that I have enough tutorials as well. I know that I have many friends and family members that will gladly teach me and there is the Bungalow Quit Shop downtown that also has classes, but I really like to learn thing on my own. Foolish pride for sure.

My mom was awesome and stocked me up with sewing supplies at Christmas time: a new sewing machine, a cart on wheels, tape measures, pin cushions, seam rippers, thread, elastic, scissors, some fabric, and other things. I’ve been pretty excited about the fabric that I’ve been buying as well…you know during that just in case moment that I “might” want to sew. “Might” means I’ve gone insane and think that sewing is going to be fun.

Alright, enough complaining. I’m doing this. Publicly. Which means, I have to continue. As I said before, I’ve been finding lots of cool projects on Pinterest. You can check out my Sewing Projects Board here.

Here’s my project list (may not be in this order though):

  1. Cloth Napkins
  2. Kitchen Towels Refurbished
  3. Pillowcases
  4. Infinity Scarves
  5. Bowl Covers
  6. Envelope Pillows
  7. Bread Bags
  8. Lego Bag (this is one of the most amazing things in the world to me)
  9. Super Hero Capes (every little boy needs one of these)
  10. Dinosaur Tails (again, who can resist?)
  11. Kids Apron (I have big plans to go along with this for Christmas)
  12. Tree Skirt
  13. Curtains
  14. Shower Curtain
  15. Adult Apron
  16. Grocery Bag Holder
  17. Dino Sweatshirt (so cute!)
  18. Bookcase for Car
  19. Re-useable snack bag
  20. Car Storage
  21. Car Trash Bag (I will guarantee that even with all these cool car sewing projects, it will still look awful in there!)
  22. PJ pants for kids and adults
  23. Milk Crate Liners
  24. Seat Belt Pillow
  25. Superhero Apron (because every mom of boys needs one or several of these!)
  26. Pot Holders
  27. Floor Pillows
  28. 4 pillow floor bed for boys
  29. Headbands
  30. Wine Bottle Case
  31. Bags
  32. Maxi Dress
  33. Skirts
  34. Shirts

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