Injuries Happen

I had super big plans for my weekend. Time with friends with no children, a few fun easy knitting projects, a trip to the library to find some books about sewing, and of course, time to play with the boys and in the garden. Well, none of those things got accomplished. And I’m a post behind.

First, the weather screwed up my plans for the weekend. So instead of tubing and grilling out, we were mulling over what to do next and took too long and lost our sitter. It happens. Then an old wrist injury started acting up. A lot. To the point that I couldn’t flip the pancakes Saturday morning. I ended up at urgent care and now this morning have an appointment with the orthopedic doctor. My fingers are moveable and don’t bother me. My wrist kills me any time I rotate it. There is a large bump on the inside of my wrist that my other hand does not have. I’d be shocked if it were broken, but my thinking is probably tendonitis or something to that extent. In turn, I have a ginormous, uncomfortable splint on.

Due to the splint, I cannot work in the garden, knit, or do a whole lot of fun stuff with the boys. I forgot to mention, splint is on the right hand, and I am right handed. My left hand does next to nothing. I’m hoping the ortho can figure out what’s going on quickly today and help me get back normal soon. I have an itch to be crafty and have some other fun things for the  boys to do, but I need two hands to put them together.

Wish me luck!


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