Breakfast Love

Pancakes on the griddle, the stickiness of maple syrup on the boys and the table, the smell of bacon hanging in the air is a pretty typical thing for our house on weekend mornings and many weeknights during a month as well.

The boys love everything about pancakes and the fluffier, the better. I feel very lucky that my boys are happy with just plain pancakes, nothing fancy is necessary. Sometimes, we’ll break out our zoo animal mold. Butter, real maple syrup, fresh fruit are always available for toppings, but many times, the boys just eat them plain. We’ve started using pancakes as bread for sandwiches and placing bacon, cream cheese & fruit or jam in the middle. Pancakes are a great snack to just have in the fridge as the boys will pull them out and eat them cold with nothing as well.

However, my boys love pancakes so much that I was pretty sure that buying Bisquick would break my budget in the future. And, then there’s that whole thing of not liking to buy boxed goods and the pancakes just never taste fantastic. A little over a year ago, I had found this Fluffy Pancake Recipe from It’s become a staple in our house. In a few extra minutes, we can have fluffy, delicious, homemade pancakes without all the junk in them.

The recipe is always doubled in my house. Always. There is no way around it. The boys will generally eat 3-4 adult size pancakes on their own. And I’ll remind you that they are three and five. As teenagers, I’m going to have to multiply my recipe by five! I always tell my husband it’s a good thing that I’d rather have an egg since there are never pancakes left for me.

Last night for dinner, the boys requested breakfast. It’s so easy and inexpensive and I know they’ll eat well then. I had finished up the last of the all-purpose white flour in my cabinet last week and was nervous about making the pancakes with whole wheat flour for the first time. I thought for sure the boys wouldn’t eat them and think they were gross. As I was flipping pancakes though, I remembered that they polished off a loaf of 12 grain bread last week on their own and loved it. With a stack of pancakes and a small amount of syrup on the side of the plates, I called the boys to dinner. I was already contemplating what I could whip up next if they refused to eat. I’m not sure what I was worried about! They devoured the batch of pancakes that I had made for them, told me they were delicious and never made a mention that they didn’t taste like normal. Phew! I’m sold on the wheat flour and introducing it to more foods for the boys. Next step….get a waffle iron.


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