Not Giving In

Sweltering heat. People sweating everywhere. Heat advisories. It’s hot, yes, I get it. Okay, so 100+ degrees with the heat index and it’s Wisconsin and something like 90% humidity.

My hair is atrociously large and out of control. I apologize to anyone who has to look at it. Anyone with natural curls understands what I’m going through. There is no hope right now.

The thing is, I patiently wait all winter for it to be warm. I patiently wait for high temperatures because I adore the heat. I patiently wait to feel the sun burning my skin and my feet frying on the sidewalk. I love the heat. The humidity I could do without. However, because I wait so long and this year was extra long for the heat to arrive, I refuse to give in to my central air. That and I’m super cheap and appreciate that my electric bill last month was seriously $75. Also, I’m secretly hoping to lose a few pounds because there are certain rooms in my house that do feel a bit sauna like right now.

It’s hot. We’re a bit sweaty, but we’re fine. Windows are open, fans are on. There’s a slight breeze that cools the house ever so slightly. If it’s really uncomfortable, we head to that beautiful, finished basement we have and never use. I figure we have only a few more days of these high temperatures and if we made it this long, we can make it a few more days. To being cheap and willing to suffer!


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