Making Memories

At the beginning of summer, I had created a list of 50 things to do with the boys before summer is over. The stark realization that my summer is truly half over already hit me over the weekend. And the fact that I had done 0/50.  My philosophy on summer days is “Go play.” I whole-heartedly believe in all the aspects of play based learning, but the boys were getting bored. Not my three year old per se, but my five year old. Charlie’s struggling with having to hang out with Adam all the time and he’s ready for stations as he calls it. Thanks 4K. I appreciated my 11 weeks off from being a teacher before.

Yesterday was my first attempt at a meaningful, memory making day with the boys versus our casual play days. We made a pancake breakfast together, headed to swim lessons and then out to Dodge County Memorial Park (i.e. County Park on Green Lake). They were awesome at the lake and I couldn’t have been prouder! I was a bit nervous to take the two daredevils to a large body of water by myself. It helped that the park only had about eight other people in it. After three hours though, it was time to call it quits as they’d eaten all the snacks I’d brought and it was past lunch time.

A quick lunch and an hour ‘rest’ as the boys are now calling it and they were ready to be doing something else outside. We set up the slip and slide only to have a hole in it. Our outdoor afternoon activities today:

  • Wacky Water Sprinkler
  • Tag
  • Squirt Gun Fight
  • Chalk Art
  • Mandatory summer ice cream cones
  • Sandbox construction siteThe boys built a pretty cool construction site. I am almost never allowed to play in the sandbox or play trucks/farm with them because I do not make the sounds correctly.

Then, the boys looked around the yard and decided they had too many toys. Yep, the world is coming to an end. They pointed out the things they wanted me to get rid of and then asked if they could do the same in the playroom. We headed into the playroom and they gutted probably half of their toys. Now it’s time to sell some of them and get rid of others. Anyone need some large plastic monstrosities for their yard?

Today, we had fun. I took not a single picture. I didn’t read a book, look at a cookbook or knit during the day. I spent the time with my kiddos making memories and couldn’t have had a better day. Here’s to our next ones!


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