Disney World is not the happiest place on Earth

We all have special places that soothe us, nurture us, make us 100% comfortable, and provide a level of comfort we might have never known otherwise. These places make us stop hurrying, being upset or angry. These places are sometimes organically found by us, found based on family and friends, and for some they are cultivated in your childhood. I am lucky enough to have several of these places.

One of my favorite places in the world, the one that all my worries and fears slip away at, the one that created and nurtured my love of nature, is a little bright red, cabin in the middle of the woods. A pillared porch with comfy, swivel chairs lines the front of the house. There are a mass amount of bird feeders scattered throughout the several acre yard with hummingbirds swarming the feeders lined at the porch. Large trees shade the perfect areas around the house and flowers bloom everywhere. On the right side of the house, you’ll find a large wooden structure that used to hold swings and also deer during hunting season. Continuing to the right, behind the house, you’ll find the old garage that now stores tools, a four-wheeler, and a golf cart. If you continue on your journey, you’ll also find the ditchbank, with the rotted, old foot bridge that was once one of my favorite play areas. Surrounding this entire several acre yard, is more acreage. Covered in a dense, lush forest. This little red house used to be just a two room cabin and has been added on to several times to accommodate the living situations that have arisen. This house is my grandparents house.

At my grandparents house, I am completely at ease. I don’t get lost in technology. I can just be. It’s peaceful and serene. I appreciate that there are no neighbors, except my uncle. There’s no noise from traffic, no city lights. To me, my grandparents house holds memories of my parents when I was little, my grandparents and the extended family. Everyone always is happy there, and seemingly at peace. Hence, the reason why Disney World is not he happiest place on Earth.

As I grew up, my family started helping me learn to love nature. Plenty of walks in the woods looking at plants and animals. Feeding the animals in the woods. Swimming in the swimming hole – otherwise known as the creek down the path. Learning to fish and raise animals. Learning to garden, even though I didn’t enjoy it when I was younger. Every person in my family has made an impact on how I view nature and how I find the serenity in any area outdoors.

My other favorite place on Earth is my father-in-laws house. Here is another place where I am able to lose myself to a seemingly simpler life, even though he’s only two miles outside of town. My garden is here. My husband grew up here. My children adore the farm and would like to be there every waking moment. It’s impossible to be there and not to take a deep breath and relax. Rolling hills of fields of corn, wheat and soy are in view no matter where you stand. Cows grazing on a pasture. A pond filled with wildlife. Peace and simplicity.

Because of how my family raised me, I am able to find the peace and serenity I crave in any wooded area, open field, while driving down the backroads, and canoeing down a river.  When I’m overly anxious about something, I head to one of these places or just down to the local hiking trail. I find my own Disney World.



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