80 year old club

My wonderfully amazing sister-in-law, Erin, is in town again this weekend. The last few months have been wonderful as we’ve been able to spend time with one of my favorite people more often. I’m thankful for her friends getting married to coax her to come home frequently.

Anyway, as we were gossiping yesterday, she told me that she was thinking of starting an 80 year old hobby club and that I would fit in perfectly with the group that she was thinking about. Erin and I have a ridiculous amount in common and I appreciate having someone in my family that is so similar to me. She really is my sister from another mother. The group of people that Erin was suggesting that I would fit in well with love to: read for fun, read to teach themselves useful things, visit the library just for fun, adore canning, cooking & baking and trying new recipes, love gardening, sewing and knitting. They are comfortable living with less to provide the ability to do more and they spend a good deal of time outdoors.

I would be a perfect fit for this group. I’m not sure I agree with the label though. I LOVE all of those things, but I feel like there is a large chunk of younger people starting to do these things more and more. Hence, 80 year old club doesn’t fit. People who enjoyed these things in previous years used to be called hippies, but that doesn’t seem to suit me either. Am I missing what the new term is? I think the Homesteaders Club would be the perfect name. It’s an all encompassing name that ties in everything that we all like to do to provide some sustainability for our families. What are your thoughts? Would you fit in a group of people like this? What would you want to be called?


2 thoughts on “80 year old club

  1. I love it!! I would totally fit in a group like that, though I would need to work on the sewing and knitting–not very good at either. Your blogs are very inspiring!!!

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