Serving Fish (i.e. my new diet plan)

We had tilapia fish packets on the grill last night for dinner per Charlie’s request to have fish. Charlie would be thrilled if we could have two or three times a week. Steve has gotten used to this and is now requesting it more as well. Mommy, 1. Boys, 0. 🙂

I wrapped each of the six filets in their own separate aluminum foil packets, topped with a little grapeseed oil and then red, yellow & green peppers, a few onions, and green beans. Two packets had Old Bay seasoning on them, one with Wildtree Lemon Rosemary seasoning, one with Wildtree Hot & Spicy Fra Diavolo seasoning, and one with Wildtree’s Chipotle Lime seasoning. I buttered five slices of the onion bread from our Amish expedition that morning and we grilled that as well.

Side dishes: cheesy zucchini rice, a mixed green salad from the garden with strawberries, pecans, fresh mozzarella, fennel & basil (from the garden) with balsamic vinagrette.

I did not get a piece of fish. Not one. Steve had two filets, Adam had one and Charlie ate three! I ended up eating all of Charlie’s veggies from the packets because he apparently didn’t like them. So, there’s my new diet plan. Wait to eat until everyone else is finished, which will then leave me with only veggies.

I am excited because after dinner was cleaned up, I finished taking care of the strawberry vinegar I’ve had infusing. I cannot wait to try this on my next salad!    DSC_1319




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