Pretty Awesome Boys

Every day, I look at the boys and I’m torn. Do I want them to grow up or stay just where they are?  I love them where they are, but I also cannot wait to see what they are going to be like as teenagers and adults.

This week, I couldn’t be prouder of Charlie. He had his five year old checkup and is in great health. Right after that, he had his first tooth pulled. He went back to have it pulled all by himself and he couldn’t have been prouder of himself. Until the next day, when he got his report card from swimming lessons that he’d passed Level 1. He’s been beaming with his goofy, new, gap toothed grin all week.

Yes, the tooth fairy came. Charlie wrote a thank you card and wanted to leave money for her since she’d left money for him. All I could think is, I’m teaching him well. However, the tooth fairy, Santa and the Easter Bunny are a whole different blog post for me. 🙂

I watch Charlie being a caring child, who is sensitive, likes to help in the kitchen, dsc_0600.jpg play games to learn his letters, read chapter books with me, play in any kind of dirt, helps with housework, can pick out weeds in the garden and is starting to identify the plants by what they look like, and wants to eat healthy. I watch Charlie follow Steve around and want to fix things, and use machinery, and just be like his daddy in every sense.

Then there is the whirlwind in my life, Adam. This month, I’m claiming he is potty trained!  Woot Woot!  As Adam gets older, I do need to remember that he’s on his own time frame with everything and to just relax. Another holy smokes, I couldn’t be prouder is when we were sitting at the dentist office for Charlie and he went over and wrote his name on the chalkboard. The assistants there were incredibly impressed. I, of course, played it off like I knew he could do this so I didn’t seem like an awful mom. But nope, not a clue. He’s incredibly smart and shows it only when he wants to. I have yet to figure out the magic motivation with him. I’ve got two years before he heads to school to be able to help his teachers. His other major proud moment was when we took him to Children’s Hospital. Adam has intermittent wandering eye, essentially the opposite of lazy eye. His eye muscles are too tight. He was a rockstar at his appointment and pulled out every ounce of manners he has. Next year at about this time, he’ll have corrective surgery. While I understand this is a very common procedure, it still scares me.

Adam’s always been my medical boy. He came into this world with a bang three weeks early and I always say the weird medical stuff is his reminder  to us that he’s a fighter and that he’s here and we need to pay attention to him. In his little three years we’ve dealt with: him turning blue as a newborn because he wouldn’t breathe while he ate and was hospitalized, jaundice, torticollis, heart murmur, failure to thrive (full fat diets are so disgusting by the way), anemia, dislocated elbow, sprained foot, and now his eye. Goodness gracious. While he’s my medical boy and it’s always something bizarre, he is my cuddle bug. He loves to snuggle up and just sit with his disgusting, ratty, brown blanket.

2013-04-27 09.17.49

He’s a smart, smart kid. He can tell when we switch the ceiling fans to go the opposite way, something that never occurs to me when Steve does it. He’s very mechanically inclined with everything and is a bit obsessive over machinery of any kind. He’s very upset right now because he can’t be in swim lessons with Charlie. I’d like to start him next year in Level 2 right away because he’s passed Level 1 at home. Charlie teaches him what he learned that day at home. It’s pretty awesome to watch.  Adam is a daredevil to put it mildly. He’s already learned to jump, climb, and use things I’d never have imagined. He can spin donuts in his plastic gator. He’s fearless and thinks he is invincible, which scares me more than anything.

How much of this will change as they get older? Will they still enjoy things they like now? Will they enjoy the hobbies that Steve and I enjoy? What are they going to be like when they  are teenagers? As adults? What will they choose to do with their lives? How will they treat others?  Will Adam continue to have weird medical issues? What kind of families will they have? What friends will they choose? Will they make the best decisions? Will they treat women and people who aren’t like them physically and mentally as equals?

There’s so much to think about when you have kids, but all I want is for the boys to be happy and to pursue what they love and who they love.  All I ask of them to make me happy, is to be happy with their choices and if they aren’t to make a different choice and to be good people. Really good people. They have my undying support and devotion to help them make this happen.




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